Futurism: A Reaction To Modernity

Posted on 5/19/2013

by Rachel Haywire

Modernity sucks. We all know this. The emperor is naked. Humanity is a cesspool. Let’s talk solutions now. What can we do? Can transhumanism be used to convert modernity into futurism? Why not? Transhumanism is the program of a higher species, discarding the egalitarian concepts of our modern era. We can truly create a higher race and move beyond the homo inferior. It is time to wipe out modernity and replace it with something better. The answer to modernity is not to go back into the past, clinging to the age-old traditions of religion and aristocracy, as appealing as this may sound in a world of filth and fluff. The answer to modernity, or perhaps a reaction to modernity, is futurism. We can replace modernity with something higher: greater: better. Not something like postmodernism, in which our entire lives our a cheap inside joke, but something like futurism. Hitler was an amateur. I’m not trying to Godwin myself here, but access to the technology that Hitler had during World War II was a joke. Blonde hair and blue eyes. Such a yawn! What about creating humans who do not behave like domesticated animals? What about using genetics to create the Nietzschean version of the Übermensch, forgetting about the high school Aryan fantasy? 

Let’s create the actual homo superior. Let’s turn ourselves into God’s. We actually have the technology to do this now. Transhumanism is a gateway to futurism. Unfortunately, the transhumanist community is full of social rules and regulations that serve only the purpose of making people feel economic status at Silicon Valley cocktail parties. Is this a future we want to live in? A future in which trendy venture capitalists are name-dropped like popularized rock stars? I say no: we can do better than this: we are futurists who wish to abandon the modern era. We visualize a future in which machine enhances man: in which art and science are not tools for a sedated political establishment: in which the human condition is transcended beyond the image stockpile. We can swim against the current without going backwards. We can swim against the current by going forwards, yet refusing to subscribe to the modern concept of “progress.” Futurism is a reaction to modernity. Unlike Marinetti, we not longer need to be visionaries to realize a future that reboots humanity into something greater. We are able to do it now and we might as well get to work. We don’t need activist avatars. We need transhumanists who are ready to make the final leap: ignoring the modern thrust into meaningless social causes: paying attention to the way in which the homo inferior is about to expire. What next? That is up to us.


Rachel Haywire is the founder of the Extreme Futurist Festival and a leading voice in digital media. She is known as an author, music producer, model, performance artist, and cultural engineer. Credited for bringing DIY Transhumanism into the mainstream she has established a new futurist subculture with the goal of making the artistic world more intelligent and the intelligent world more artistic. She can be contacted here.